It is important to set up Sessions, Products and Packages in order to create a child's plan and later invoice for your services. In order to do this, click show on the 'Pricing' tab in 'Settings' of your nursery. 

This article explains:

  • How to create a session including fees, time span, and closure day settings
  • How to create a product including price and if discounts apply
  • How to create a package including fixed monthly rate

First, go to:


Main item used to charge for child attendance in your nursery. Sessions are used to build up a child's 'plan' (a.k.a their booking pattern). The image below shows what entering a session looks like. 

  • To create a new session, click the New Item button in the top right corner and click on Create new session.
  • Enter the session title (what you write here will show on the invoice)


  • Hourly is for sessions charged by time. The time is set when adding the session
  • Per Session to charge a fixed session price
  • Monthly is the monthly rate for the session. Eg. a full day once a week would cost £100 a month. 

If you offer great flexibility in terms of when children are arriving and leaving the nursery on daily basis, creating sessions with an hourly rate can prove to be very handy

  • Check the age groups that this session is available to and enter the corresponding price. The Ad Hoc prices on the right should be entered if you would like the session to be available 'Ad Hoc'. I.e. if you wish to charge a different price for one-off sessions that are not included in a child's plan, this is where you would enter this price
  • It is possible to select 'Flexible booking time' if you offer flexible times on that particular session
  • Enter the time that the session starts and ends
  • Select daily availability for the session
  • You can also decide whether you want to charge for the session if it were to occur on the different types of closing days. And whether you would still charge a child for a session if they have reported in sick.
  • You may need to override any existing settings for sessions already created

Volume Pricing and Discounts

You can also add fixed discounts such as sibling or loyalty discounts. This will look like the image below on your screen and is found at the top of the page.

Once you have set up your sessions, it is possible to set up volume pricing should you want to offer discounts to children that attend multiple sessions. 

It is very straight forward to input, simply enter a price for the amount of a particular session and press save - see below!


Add on purchasable items such as meals and/or fees.

  • A product is created very similarly to a session, but we start by clicking on New Item and then Create new product
  • Add a title
  • Select if your product will be charged weekly or monthly.  If you invoice by actuals, monthly pricing for products is not possible
  • Select which age groups the product is available to, and add prices
  • Set daily availability
  • Select whether or not this product should be invoiced on specific closure days
  • Choose whether or not you would like discounts to apply to the product
  • Click save


Fixed weekly or monthly schedules with a correlating fixed price.

  • Create packages in the same way as sessions, but by clicking on New Item and Create new package
  • Add a title
  • Select if this particular package will be charged weekly or monthly.  
  • Select which age groups the package is available to, and add you standard and Ad Hoc prices.
  • Select Flexible booking time if you would like the times to be able to be changed per booking pattern.
  • Set the days that the package will apply to.
  • Click save.

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