Sometimes children have plans that alternate or change every week, e.g. week 1 is one day, week 2 is zero days, week 3 is three days. Currently, Famly requires that you schedule a plan change when a change happens. We suggest taking the following steps to schedule children with alternating or irregular plans.

  • Start by creating a plan as you normally would. Complete the top bar with start date etc. Go ahead and enter the sessions that apply to the first part of the pattern/schedule. Finish by clicking 'Save'
  • When it is time for a change in plan, click 'Schedule change' on the plan tab for a child. Select the start date for this plan ie. when you want this plan to be active from. Now enter the changes by clicking 'Edit' next to the weekdays. Finish by click 'Save'.
  • You now have two plans in place. Repeat the second step for every plan change. If you know what the changes will be ahead of time you can schedule them all at once by repeating this process. If you don't know the changes in advance, you can schedule the changes as they occur.


  • If you need to enter a plan between two existing plans, simply click the + between the two plans. That is useful if you forgot a plan change or want to enter a week without any bookings.

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