Once a child is entered into the Famly platform, a profile will automatically be created. This page will contain all the information relevant to the child. What you see here, is slightly different from the parents - they do not have access to the Bookings tab, the Invoicing tab and parts of the Journey tab.

Across the top of the page there will be 7 tabs (8 if you have our premium package/Child Development):

  • Activity: Overview of all status updates, sick days, holiday days and tagged photos. 
  • About: stores information on Basic Info, Health, Sensitive Information, Registration & Room Moves, Permissions, and Tags.
  • Contacts: Contains the details of individuals that have been added as contacts for the child. You can also see their role and whether they have been given a login.
  • Bookings: Contains the sessions and products the child has been scheduled in for. These can be edited using the schedule change and edit buttons. Adhoc sessions/products will show here.

  • Invoicing: Shows the Bill Payers for the child, any Deposits that have been made and any Invoicing Activity. You can create Invoices or Add Payments here also.
  • Reports: All accident/incident reports for this child are logged here.
  • Notes: This keeps a log of the child's individual notes. You can choose whether these are marked as 'sensitive' (so only staff with the permission to view sensitive info can see them), and whether they're visible to parents or not.

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