Once a child is entered into the Famly platform, a profile will automatically be created. As a contact you may be given a 'parent' role, or a 'family' role. Depending on this, you may have different levels of access and abilities.

Across the top of the page there will be a number of tabs:

  • Activity: Logs all status update information, holidays days, sick days, nap times and tagged photos. You can report your child as sick or on holiday here. See more by clicking below:
  • About: Contains Basic information, Health, Sensitive Information, Registration and Room Moves, and Permissions.
  • Contacts: Contains the details of individuals that have been added as contacts for the child. Can also see their role and whether they have been given a log in.
  • Journey: This is where you can see your child's Learning Journey; assessments, observations and 2 year checks. You are able to complete an observation from here too:
  • Notes: Here you can see notes that the nursery have made on your child.
  • Reports: this is where you can see any accident/incident reports that have been made.

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