In order to add a deposit you need to:

  • Go to a child's profile. 
  • Click on the Invoicing tab.
  • Click +Deposit on the left.
  • Enter the bill payer, amount, deposit date and a note if you'd like.

If the deposit has already been paid to the nursery via a different accounting system, select the already paid box. When it comes time to refund the deposit, you are able to either return it through Famly or delete it completely from Famly and return it via credit from the old system.

If the deposit has not been paid to the nursery, it will appear as an additional charge on the next invoice sent. When the time comes to return the invoice, simply return to the Deposits box in the invoicing tab on the child's profile. Click in to the Deposit and click refund. This action will show up as a credit on the next invoice sent.

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