You can use the All Invoicing Activity feature in the Revenue and Dept App to keep track all the Invoices sent out, Bill Payer Information and Payments that have come in as well as Apply new payments.


Keep track of all your invoices by selecting Invoices from the Show drop-down menu. You can filter the invoices by month and download the table as a CSV file. The invoices will appear in chronological order, with the most recent invoices sent out at the top.


You can view payments in the same way as you view invoices by selecting Payments from the Show drop-down menu. Similarly, you can filter by month and download the table as a CSV file. Payments too appear in chronological order.

From both the Invoices and Payments screen, you can add Payments, via the Apply Payment box on the right. Search for the relevant bill payer by entering either their name, their child's name or the invoice number.
For a detailed introduction to adding payments, please have a look at this article:

Bill Payers

By selecting Bill Payers from the drop-down menu, you will see a list of all the Bill Payers in alphabetical order along with their details. This table too can be downloaded as a CSV file.

*exported CSV files will contain more information than the table that is viewable in Famly.

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