The Debt and Invoicing Report which can be found in the Revenue and Debt app details outstanding and overdue debt. Here you can find the total outstanding debt,  average debt age and a graph overviewing outstanding debt for the past 6 months.

The details showing in the Debt Report are all based on the invoices you have sent in Famly and the payments you have added to Famly. The invoices appear in the month they were sent in, not the period they are invoicing for.


Below the graph you are able to filter for bill payers with outstanding debt as well as search for a specific bill payer.
The table is organised alphabetically by Bill Payer name and gives details for the previous 3 months. You can click into the invoices for each month to see the details. Additionally, the table shows total outstanding, overdue and 30+ days overdue, as well as the balance of the bill payers account. To quickly find a specific child or bill payer you can search in the filter box.

It is also possible to filter for bill payers with outstanding fees in the Debt Report, this way you can see who is yet to pay!

Famly doesn't offer a print option because the figures in the report often change due to new invoices and payments, but if you really need to print, just hit CTRL (or Command) + P on your keyboard.

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