On a child's profile, the invoicing tab is split up into 3 sections:

  • Bill Payers
  • Deposits
  • Invoicing Activity

Bill Payers

These are people assigned to pay the bills for the child. Here you can see the name of the bill payers and their balances. By clicking See Info next to the bill payer's name, you can see more details of the bill payers account including all invoices and payments.

If a bill payer hasn't yet been assigned or you need to edit a bill payer's details, click one of the buttons below for a step-by-step guide


Below the Bill Payer box, you find the Deposit box. Here you can add and refund deposits. It allows you to add or return deposits. Please click the button below for a detailed article.

Invoicing Activity

The main box on the invoicing tab is Invoicing Activity. This shows the invoicing and payment directly related to the child. In order for payments by assigned bill payers to show up on this screen, they must be applied to a specific invoice when added. Otherwise, they will show up in the See Info section of the Bill Payers information.

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