The room overview is arranged into several sections:

  • Starting from the top, the graph shows the expected number of children, the actual number of children, the staff signed in and the staff:children ratio. You can hover your cursor over the graph to get detailed figures. The y-axis on the left refers to the children and staff, and the y-axis on right of the graph refers to the staff:child ratio.
  • You can favourite (star) a room or edit a rooms settings by clicking on the icons in the top right corner of the graph.
    Click the button below to learn more about what marking a room as a favourite means:

The Tabs

Below the graph, you will see tabs representing the different ways the children are grouped based on their status. From left to right, the tabs indicate:

  • total number of children in the room
  • the calendar shows the number of expected children based on their booking pattern
  • the checkmark shows the number of children currently signed in
  • the moon shows the number of children currently napping
  • the thermometer shows the number of children reported sick
  • the sun shows the number of children having the day off

Overview of Children and Staff

  • The Children, including their check-in and expected check-in times, are shown below the picture of each child. Those that are coloured in are checked in, those that are greyed out are not. You are also able to see when they are expected based on their booking pattern.
  • The Staff, as well as their expected hours for the day. Those that are coloured are checked in, those that are greyed out are not.
  • The Future children, a list of children that have not yet enrolled in the nursery but are expected to join the room.
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