Famly has recently released the Public Funding report which can be found in the Revenue and Debt app. 


Before heading into the Public Funding report, you should make sure that you have added your Claimable from Local Authority rates:

  • Go into your Setup and click on Invoicing Profiles
  • Click on the tab called Funding Grants
  • Click on to the grant you would like to update, or create a new one entirely.

Add Public Funding Amounts

If you have not already done so, add the public funding you provide to each child's plans. More on how to do that here:

Now that you have added your 'Claimable from Local authority' rates as well as the public funding you actually offer per child, the Public Funding report will show you a comparison of the two per child. The Invoice Deduction is the Public Funding you gave a child, the Council Total is the claimable amount.

You can also see such details as the Age of the child, the Mode of funding, that is whether it has been automatically calculated or added manually, the Invoicing profile Type, the Grant name, the weekly Plan funding and the total number of Funded hours for the period.

On the left of the report you can filter for a certain period, whether you want to see children with or without funding, a specific funding grant and by age of the child.

If you've forgotten to select a funding grant when creating the child's plan you can add it here to calculate the council total. To do this click in a child's row, for instance 'Emilia Malan' above, this will then expand a second row. In this second row, click the '-' in the far right column, which will then give you the option to select an applicable grant.

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