Watch this space! (upcoming features):

  • Ability to customise ad-hoc price for each purchase entered
  • New filters and a new design for the All Invoicing Activity page
  • Possibility to add a file to parental permissions
  • Draft accident reports 
  • Automatic retries for failed transactions during automatic runs in Famly Pay

September 2019

  • Revamp of the Enquiries app...

- Filtering enquiries by creation date

- Filtering enquiries by child start date

- Showing all closed enquiries

- Showing only enquiries with booked showarounds

- Statistics between total amount of enquiries vs. enquiries with showaround booked vs. won and lost enquiries. This makes it easy to determine if the showarounds are actually converting into enrollments

  • Child Notes have had a makeover too!

-Notes on the child profile can now be filtered.

- Notes on the child profile now uses infinite scroll to progressively load instead of loading all at once

- You can now create notes as "Safeguarding disclosures"

- New permission added in Manage Roles, allowing only certain members of staff to view safeguarding disclosures

  • Dietary requirements shown in Room Planning, allowing you to see the children alongside their dietary requirements in register format
  • Funding loop export can now be seen in the Public Funding Report - use this with the funding loop application to easily claim funding from your council
  • It is now possible to archive next steps on the 'Next Steps' tab of the Child Development app. Archived next steps can also be filtered to give a clear overview of still relevant next steps

August 2019

  • New tracking for Scotland and Wales! Watch those observations reflect in your progress report in the Child Development app
  • Ability to send notification to parents when logging a note
  • Filter the progress report and cohort tracking by age
  • Future key children now show up on staff profiles

July 2019

  • Sun cream logs, which are stored on the child profile
  • Choose how automatic payments take vouchers into account in Famly Pay
  • Flexible payments in Famly Pay - if the nursery enables this, the parent can choose to pay an instalment of their outstanding balance
  • A brand new look for Famly on web and app (horizontally)
  • Every Child A Talker framework enabled for all UK sites 
  • Specify the quantity of food when logging meals

June 2019

  • Likes and comments on individual posts can be controlled by the nursery
  • Key children are now listed on each staff member's profile

May 2019

  • Improvements made to both the Debt Report and Batch Invoice page in terms of performance.
  • Parents at the nursery are now able to see their child's key worker - of course they are not able to edit this on their end :)
  • Improvements made to payment modal in Famly Pay
  • The Key Worker now gets a notification when a parent observation has been made - no need to check the Child Development app for this
  • Configuration of automatic payment runs
  • Updated filters in the public funding report

April 2019

  • SEND framework now available upon request! Please note that there is no tracking available as of yet - but this will be available in a future version of the feature. 
  • Parent purchases - parents can now request childcare for the nursery to accept or decline!
  • Improvements made to private message inbox 
  • Development on Famly Pay notifications and verification reminders

March 2019

  • Public funding report by date range - look at the funding you're receiving and giving in a given period of time.
  • New colours on meal status on child overview - you can now see the difference between meals!
  • Performance improvements on Debt Report and Batch invoice page
  • Job title feature - now you can state the job title of the employees in the nursery
  • Re-vamp of the All Invoicing Activity page

February 2019

Login page:

  • We've updated the design of the login page and the technology behind it to ensure that security and user experience is top notch!

Payment features:

  • The new Famly Pay has been released which allows parents to pay for invoices and expenses directly from within the app! Security & reliability has been our top priority in this release as we want to make sure transactions are carried out using only the most secure channels.
  • Parents can pay with credit card or direct debit.
  • Payments will be transferred directly to your bank account.

Child development:

  • All child development features are now included in all packages going forward.

January 2019

Coming in strong for the new year!

Child Development: 

  • A very requested change… likes and comments are now visible on the Learning Journey and not just the News Feed for the author of that particular assessment or observation. 
  • You can now easily locate the assessments, observations and up to speeds that contribute to the tracking of children. This can be done either via the Details in a child's journey or the Progress Report in the Child Development app. Simply click in to an area of learning, which will bring up a list of records. Click on the date of the record, this will open up the actual assessment, observation or up to speed that the statement or refinement was recorded in (see below)

Staff Qualifications:

  • If you have this feature as part of your package (Premium users) - it is now possible to enter your own, additional qualifications on top of the default ones Famly gives you. Read more here.

December 2018

Eat, drink, and be merry - whilst enjoying Famly's new features!

  •  Child Development - a bit of a revamp for this app... Cohort comparison is now possible too!

November 2018

We have some new features that you can cross off your Christmas wish list!

  • Easy Adhoc bookings - you are now able to bulk add adhocs for a child, rather than adding them one by one. 
  • A new *warning* shows up if a child is signed in without being booked in for a session. This has been developed to help practitioners and management keep on top of present children and their bookings. 
  • Manual public funding - for those who manually work out the monetary value of their funding, you can now enter the rate you wish to give i.e. £4.20 x 30 = £126
  • Improved security - the password for the Sign in/out Kiosk will now change daily. This prevents the ability to memorise the password and login from elsewhere. 

October 2018

Big focus on bug fixes and general updates this month, with some added extras:

  • Safeguarding app - you can now see an overview of all your accident/incident reports.
  • Note on Bill Payer account - you are now able to make an internal note on a bill payer account.

September 2018

If you're sad about summer being over, we'll make sure to keep you happy with some fab new features!

  • Revamp of the children and staff profiles - a visual re-haul that is pretty nice (if we say so ourselves!)
  • Other features that have felt the love of this revamp: Enquiries, Manage Age Groups and Bill Payers. 
  • You can now also make a note on a Bill Payer's account
  • When completing Incident Reports, you can now mark the report as 'noticed on arrival', for when it did not occur on-site. 
  • In your Activity Library, it is now possible to share an activity with ALL users of Famly. Click 'Create and make public' to share your activity with other practitioners in other Early Years settings. (There is a reporting mechanism to report any unfit activities).

August 2018

We've had some pretty warm weather, and the new features are also coming in hot!

  • English staff qualifications in staff profiles.
  • Print your 2 year checks the same way you can the Learning Journey.
  • Print individual assessments and observations from a child's Learning Journey. 
  • And a change for the sign in/out app - you will now be able to scroll through your rooms if you have children that don't fit on one page!

July 2018

  • Brand spanking new Invoicing Profiles. A much more organised way to choose how to invoice your bill payers! 
  • Meal Plans now allow you to set up different plans for different children i.e if you have a vegetarian menu in addition to your standard menu. 
  • Annualised plan parts for if you have two parallel plans running alongside each other and want to annualise these over the year.
  • Famly's own Activity Library! Get inspiration for activities for different age groups and different areas of learning. Like and comment on your favourites!

June 2018

Half way through the year, and our new features are not showing any signs of slowing down either!

  • 2 year checks in Child Development - complete your 2 year checks in Famly and use even less paper!
  • Welsh Child Development - if your nursery is in Wales and you haven't been able to use Famly's Child Development feature, your time has come! See here for more details on how to observe your children and check off EYFP links.
  • Who did the nappy change? You (as staff members) are now able to view which member of staff did a child's nappy change. 
  • Sleep update: parents can view the duration, and staff can now view the duration, who put the child for a nap, and any sleep checks.
  • Portrait printing for registers - printing has only been available in landscape so far, but now you can choose!

May 2018

Summer is coming, and so are some brand new features!

  • Custom status for children - you can choose whether you want to mark your children as painting, in the playground, or anything else they may do in their day at nursery!
  • Accident and Incident reporting is now available for all nurseries. Go paperless with this feature, and read more about it here
  • Attendance schedules replacing 'schools'. Some changes in terminology, and a simpler way to set up your children's attendance. 
  • Generate lists of staff members in your Lists app.
  • Improved overview in the Child Development app. You can now select a 'Progress as of...' date in the detailed learning journey overview. Additionally, you now have improved downloading of the Learning Journey's (as PDF's with photos, links, refinements) - and you are able to print these too!

April 2018

The start of Quarter 2 brings even more for you!

  • You can now attach a file in a private message - send a photo, video or document to a particular room or parent directly. Previously this had only been possible on the News Feed!
  • You can now make group observations in Child Development! When a group of children are partaking in the same activity, or playing together, you can log this an a group observation which will appear on all their Learning Journeys. 

March 2018

Now it's March's turn for some new features!

  • Accident/Incident Report creation - staff can log any accidents or incidents that take place in nursery. The creation of one will notify parents and require acknowledgement. 
  • A brand new, user-friendly Activity Feed will appear on the first tab of a child's profile, visible to both staff and parents. This will store and show information such as nappy changes, toilet visits, naps, food, bottles (information that was previously found in the calendar).
  • Nap times and registration times are now not only being shown in the normal Famly app, but on the Sign in/out screen too.

February 2018

We're on a roll - February has some very exciting new features!

  • Parents can now make observations in Famly. These will be added to the Learning Journey after a member of staff has reviewed them. Of course, this can be disabled if you so wish!
  • Switch room option for children means that children can be temporarily moved to a different room. 
  • Other members of staff can 'give' observations to a child's key worker - there is the ability to take ownership of observations that were not initially made by you. Use the “Change author” button to change the staff member who posts the observation!
  •  View your budget in the Revenue Report
  • Option to print Learning Journey from child's profile (use Command/Ctrl+P)
  •  Logging Direct Debit payments

January 2018

Happy New Year - are you ready for some new features?

December 2017

We have saved the best for last 🙂

November 2017

We may be less than a week in, but November has seen some new features already. 

  • Famly can now distribute public funding
  • Filter for bill payers with outstanding fees in the Debt Report
  • Hide cancelled invoices in order to keep the bill payer accounts clean and tidy
  • Adding credits, surcharges, new invoice etc. from a child's profile is now grouped in the New Item button
  • New Bookmark feature in the News Feed allowing parents and staff to 'favourite' specific posts
  • Occupancy Planner in the Occupancy Report gives an overview of available AM and PM spaces per day for each age group
  • Children can automatically move to the next age group based on a set of custom rules

October 2017

Since we launched our Child Development feature, we have been collecting feedback in order to improve it. Editing/deleting observations, receiving notifications and comparing development between dates are just some of the new options.
We have also added the option to archive and delete messages in your inbox and the discounts and surcharges feature has had a layout update. Others include:

September 2017

Our focus this month has been on Child Development and Public Funding. We are happy to release our most requested Child Development Features and an app dedicated completely to Public funding. We have also been working on making invoices easier to understand & explain. Our developments for the month:

  • Observations can now be sent for review by a manager before being posted
  • Baseline Age Band assessments with Refinements (Emerging, Developing, Secure)
  • The Public Funding report app - compares Public Funding receivable from local council with funding allocated
  • Detailed invoice breakdowns are now viewable by nurseries before and after invoices are sent
  • Secondary key worker on child profile
  • "Next Age Group move date" now an column option in the list app.

July/August 2017

This summer we launched our Child Development feature, which includes observations, learning journeys and the progress report. Additionally we launched Age Group move, flexible packages and detailed invoice breakdowns. More details below:

  • The Child Development app containing the wide progress report 
  • Observations with the ability to add EYFS and CoEL links, as well as see which links have previously been added
  • Auto Age Group move, allowing you to set rules for when children will move up Age Groups/pricing groups, reflected in the Occupancy app and on plans
  • Flexible packages allowing for the ability to pick and chose sessions within a package with a fixed weekly or monthly price
  • Invoice details are now visible once invoices have been sent in order to better answer parent questions

Earlier this year

Throughout the year we are continuously updating and developing Famly. Here are some major developments from earlier in the year:

  • Major additions to the Plans and invoicing features including the ability to export Bill Payer, Invoice and Payment report
  • Improvements to the way you create plans
  • Organisations can export bill payers, payments and invoices all at once
  • The ability to move payments and invoices between bill payers
  • The ability to search for invoices, children, and bill payers in order to quickly add payments
  • Automated public funding to a plan and see how much will be deducted from the invoice each week/month
  • Design improvements to the child's profile
  • The ability to retrieve a list of all unconfirmed payments for the entire organisation
  • A bill payer's balance is now displayed on new invoices indicating the total amount owed to the nursery
  • Occupancy report and Revenue and Debt report split into individual app
  • Billing option: Mid-month plan changes result in the rest of the month being billed by actual

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