The Occupancy Report and the Occupancy Planner provide you with an overview that can help you achieve full capacity every day - now and in the future. The Occupancy Report shows daily, weekly, or monthly percentages and FTE details for each of your age groups or rooms.
The Occupancy Planner
gives you an overview of the number of AM and PM children sorted by age group or room, week by week.

Where to find it?

When signed in to Famly, click Apps in the menu on the left. Then select 'Occupancy Report'.

The Occupancy Report

The Occupancy Report in the app section stores details about the occupancy in your nursery setting. You can look at the breakdown in days, weeks and months, in addition to being able to see the average occupied and available space data. The Occupancy Report gets the maximum capacity from the settings of your age groups or rooms.

Secondly, by clicking on specific groups, i.e babies, toddlers & Pre-school (shown below), you will get a drop-down list of the all children registered in that age-group over the period of time you have selected. You can also choose to look at % or FTE (full-time equivalent).

The occupancy is linked to the opening hours of the nursery. For example, your nursery opening hours are 8am-6pm. If the child attends from 9am-5pm, this will be represented by 0.8 FTE.  If a child attends 8am-6pm, this will be represented by 1 FTE. You are still able to add extra sessions outside the opening hours, and this will show in the occupancy report in the following example: if the child attends from 7am-7pm, this will be represented by 1.2 FTE.

The Occupancy Planner

If you click Occupancy Planner in the top right corner of the Occupancy Report, you will be able to see how many spaces are available. The planner splits into age groups or rooms at the top with weekdays and AM/PM just below. To the left you will see the weeks of the year.

The number showing in each of the coloured boxes indicates how many spaces you have available on a specific day (AM or PM), week by week.
Green box = Plenty of spaces available
Yellow box = Few spaces available
Grey box = Zero spaces available aka. full capacity
Red box = Over full capacity

How does it work?

The planner uses the maximum capacity figure entered for each age group (Settings -> Age Groups) or Rooms (Settings -> Rooms -> Settings) and compares it to the plans of the children assigned to that age group or room.

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