If you need to schedule a temporary change in a plan that you would like to otherwise repeat its normal routine, you can use the + button in between plans. One example of this would be a publicly funded term-time child who is attending holiday club out of term.

  • Start by entering a plan as usual without an end date
  • Next, click schedule change and enter the start date as the first date after the holiday club
  • Finally, click the + button in-between the two plans and set the start date of the plan as the start date of the planned change (eg. holiday). The end date will automatically be the date you entered in the earlier step. Make the plan changes and click save. If you are working with a term-time child who is attending a holiday club, you will need to change the invoicing profile to either Full year or Holiday time invoicing profile if you have set those up, as well as remove the Public Funding. Click Save.
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