It is often not necessary to keep all of your messages indefinitely, so Famly allows you to archive and delete from your inbox. When you click on the icon, shown below, you will be taken to your inbox with individual conversations down the left-hand side. 


When you archive a message, you place it in a folder where it will continue to exist but will no longer be cluttering your inbox. The best part about it is that it will still be accessible in the future if needed.

To archive a conversation, you must click on the specific one you wish to move and use the button in the right-hand corner. A confirmation box will pop up which you must click 'ok' for the conversation to be moved; if  you have made a mistake, simply press cancel!

You can retrieve these messages from the 'archived' folder, situated next to 'inbox' on the left. 


It is also possible to completely delete messages that you have sent. If you delete a message of yours, it will disappear from both your thread and the recipient's. If you send a message with an error, or if you send one to the wrong person, if you delete it straight away, the likelihood is that they will not see it. Unlike archiving, when you delete a message, you will not be able to retrieve it. 

To delete a message, you must click on the conversation you wish to delete messages from before pressing 'actions'. 

You can use the circles on the left of the message(s) to select individual messages before pressing 'delete selected' in the top left of the conversation. Like with archiving, a confirmation box will appear asking you to select 'ok' or 'cancel', so if you have made a mistake- this is the time to reverse it!

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