We know that funding can be a complicated and time-consuming matter, but we want to make it as easy for you as possible. Once you have entered the number of funded hours per week, Famly can calculate and distribute the funding for every child. 

What we'll cover:

  • Set your local council funding grant rates
  • Add funding to a plan
  • Set the funding manually
  • Select a local council grant
  • Allow and Disallow Funding

We know that nurseries have different ways of applying funding. You can have a look at some common funding scenarios here:

Set your Local Council Funding Grant rates

In order for Famly to calculate what you can expect from the Local Council in funding for each child you'll need to enter your local council grant rates. To do this, head in to Setup → Invoicing profiles → Funding Grants.  Here you can enter the rates the local council provides in funding. If you know that the rate will be changing, you can simply add a new rate period. These rates will then appear on the children's plans when adding funding and in the Public Funding report.

Adding funding to a child's plan

You enter funding by clicking Add Public Funding on the right-hand side when creating a child's plan. 

Simply by entering the number of funded hours per week, Famly will automatically pick the sessions with the cheapest hourly rate during the week and enter the amount in the Deduction from invoice box. In this example to give this child 15 hours for free it will cost the nursery £91.78.

Set Manually

Famly allows you to override and set the rate or the monetary amount of funding you want to deduct from the invoice yourself. However, doing this will leave you in total control of the funding and require you to update the funding every time you change the plan or the child moves to the next pricing group.

Claimable from local authority

You should also select the rate that you receive under the 'Claimable from local authority' so that you can see the amount you can expect to receive form your local council for the hours you're giving. In the example above, I have set the funding rate manually to match what I expect to receive from the council.

Amend The Funding

If funding has been added, Famly highlights the hours that will be funded in a normal full week, by striping the session. If you don't like the way Famly has distributed the funding, you are able to change it by clicking the session and selecting Disallow Funding. Now, Famly can't apply funding to that session and will try to apply the funding to other sessions.

A session that is marked with an 'F' is allowed to have funding applied to it. A session that is striped has had funding applied to it. You will receive a warning if there are not enough hours marked with an F to fulfil the number of hours you've added in funding. You will also receive a warning if the amount of funding (in £) is not large enough to cover the number of hours you've entered. You will still be able to save the plan. The invoice will state the number of hours you've entered, not the amount in £.  

 Please note, that Famly allows a maximum of 10 hours of funding per day according to legislation.

Invoicing Summary

The invoicing summary shown on the right-hand side will provide you with the funding details - the number of hours and the funding amount that will be deducted from the invoice. You can click on the arrow next to the session names in order to get a detailed breakdown.

Additional Services

If you need to charge for additional services, we recommend that you either enter these as products or as sessions that can't be funded.

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