This video will take you through the Basic Setup of Famly. If you want to explore certain features in greater detail, please find guides below the video.
For quick access to Famly, please save as a bookmark in your browser.


Head to the Setup menu on the left hand side to see what is shown below:

Not all tabs will be unlocked straight away, you need to progress through one at a time. 

Nursery Info

Here you can add information about your early years setting. Name, Address, Contact information, Opening hours and nursery-wide Closing days. You can edit or add to this going forward.


To create a new room:

  • Enter a room name and click Add new Room
  • Next, click Settings at the right-hand side of the room row
  • Enter the room details and remember to click Save after each edit

From the Room Page you can also set up your Room Move rules, which automatically move children across rooms. There is also the option to schedule individual room moves, if a child was to not follow the generic rules. More on that here:


To create a child, fill in the child details and click Add.
These are just the basic details needed in order to set up a child. You can always click the child's name which will take you to the full profile of the child. *Parents can add further information however, once they have been invited.

The child will now appear in your list of children as well as in their designated room.

You can always come back to this page to add further children, or get an overview of Current Children, Upcoming Children, or Withdrawn Children by using the filter in the top left corner.

You can also set up Age Groups from this page by clicking Manage Age Groups in the top right corner. Age Groups is another way to group children and project occupancy. 


In order to add staff members, follow these steps:  

  • Enter the mandatory details about the new staff member in the given fields
  • Click the green Add button when you're done.

Giving your staff access to Famly...

You can control Staff Roles and their permissions in Manage Rolesat the top of the page:

If you want to give the staff member access to Famly, click 'Send Login', select the appropriate role, and click 'Send Invitation'.

Meal settings

Here, select the different types of meals and drinks you offer. This is not where you specify all the options, just the overall title. I.e. breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, tea, bottle.

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