Entering bank holidays, training days, and closing in Famly is not only used to inform the parents about when your setting is closed. It is also used for producing correct registers and invoices because children attending all year round will not show in the register on closure days. However, you can customise your setup if you want to invoice for a specific type of closing day.

Edit closing days

In order to edit closing days do as follows: 

  • Log in to Famly
  • Select ‘Settings in the menu to the left
  • Click on 'Nursery Settings'
  • Create a new closing day in the top of the screen by selecting the date, explaining the reason and selecting the type of closure day (Closing day, Holiday, Training Day)
  • Finish off by pressing ‘New closing day’ 
  • Remove a closure day by finding it in the overview and pressing ‘Delete’ on the right.

Customise which closure days you invoice for

The idea behind choosing the type of closure days is that you are able to decide whether or not you want to charge for sessions on a specific closure day. For example, if the children aren't coming in on Bank Holidays but you want to charge if they would normally attend according to their booking schedule.
The setup is all done in the section where you create your sessions. 

Click the button below for a detailed guide - look for the Session paragraph. 

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