There are many ways to use the invoicing side of Famly! On the plans and invoicing call we go through the basics. 

  • First we assign a bill payer, from the invoicing tab of the child's profile. More on that here:
  • Next we create our first invoice draft by clicking +invoice in the top right corner. 
  • Chose an invoicing period, select a due date and add a custom line or note if you'd like. 
  • By clicking on details you can see a daily detailed breakdown of the periods charges. When you are ready to send the invoice click create and send

You can also adjust the bill payers balance from the invoicing tab of a child's profile, if they for example have an existing balance that needs to be entered into Famly. Other examples include adding credits or surcharges.

If you'd like to send multiple invoices for a specific invoicing period off at once you can use the batch invoice feature in the Revenue and Debt app. You can also add payments, balance adjustments, srucharges and credits from Batch invoice. More on that here:

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