Famly has a number of different reporting apps that help you keep track of your nursery.

Lists app: The lists app allows you to create different types of lives lists, that are updated in real time as you change information in the platform. You can filter the lists by a number of different factors including rooms, gender, tags and age. More on that here.

Occupancy report: The Occupancy report allows you to view nursery wide occupancy by Age Groups. If you have set up your Age Group Move rules, the occupancy report will be an accurate reflection of the numbers of children you have of different ages in your nursery. More on Age Groups here. The Occupancy planner shows how much space you have available for additional children by Age Group. You can find more information here.

Attendance report: The Attendance report shows both expected sign in and actual sign in's for children. It also shows sick days and holidays all of which is editable. More on that here.

Famly report: You can use the Famly report app to monitor the use of Famly by your parents and staff. More on that here.

Staff Hours: The staff hours app reports on the sign in and outs of staff as well as staff holidays, sick days and staff child sick days all of which are editable. More on that here

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