As children age, they often move into a new room at nursery. The advantage of using automatic room move is that the occupancy report will be able to show you exactly how many children you have in each room at any point in the future.
In this article, we will cover:

  • Setting up move rules
  • The list of upcoming moves
  • Individual moves for specific children
  • An example

Automatic move

In order to get precise projections of how many children will be in each room day by day, we recommend using automatic room move. Famly won't actually move the children until you confirm the move, however the Occupancy and Room Planning reports will show the projected moves. You then have the option to confirm or to manually override when a room move should take place for specific children.

Where to find it

In 'Settings' and then 'Rooms', you will find two buttons in the top right corner. Move Rules are for setting up rules and Upcoming Room Moves is - well, quite self-explanatory 😃  Start with Move Rules but if you want to manually set all rooms moves, just go directly to upcoming room moves.

Move Rules

Click the Move Rules button to enter. At the top you'll have the option of creating a new rule. Click that button and follow the steps explained below.

  • Start from the top by choosing the room that a child moves from and what will happen (move to next room or leave the nursery).
  • Next, select the room you want the child to move to.
  • Now, choose the rule that determines when the child will move. You can select between on a specific day after reaching a certain age or when reaching a certain age. When one of the options is selected, you will be able to specify further if you want the move to happen on the day of the child's birthday, the following month or something else. Try the different options to find what suits you best.
  • Lastly, you select the age of when the rule should come in to effect. Finish by clicking Create.

After that you can set up more rules by following the procedure above.
Remember to click Save next to new rule when you are done.

Please note

If you want to handle room move manually without any general rules, just leave out the rules and go straight to Upcoming room moves.

Check your rules

Use the section to the right to check how individual children move during their time at nursery, or select the custom option.

Upcoming Room Moves

Back in 'Rooms' under 'Settings', you will be able to see upcoming room moves by clicking the button in the top right corner. In here, you will get a list of children including their next room move and the date of the move. The overview is split further into overdue and upcoming room moves in order for you to keep track of who you need to move.

Before a child can be moved to the next room, you need to confirm the move. That is easily done by clicking the Confirm button to the right. If you want to change when the room move takes place for a specific child, just click Change and choose a different date.

Make Individual Changes

It is easy to make an individual change for a single child which will let you override the general move rules created.

  1. Go to a child's profile and click edit in the room section on the profile tab
  2. Click Show room moves which will show you the existing moves for the child
  3. Click New room move top right to create a custom move rule for the child.

Manual move

If you don't want to use Famly's automatic option, you are still able to move the children manually. Do that in 'Settings' and then click 'Show' next to 'Children'. In the third column, click the room name next to the child in order to select a new room. The change will come into effect immediately. Please note: the manual option isn't able to predict how many children will be in each room in the future.


Bill Jenkins, born 29 Dec 2015, is currently in the baby room but this general rule will suggest that he moves to Caterpillars the 1st of the following month after he turns 24 months.

Now, the occupancy projections will assume (without confirmation) that Bill will be in the Caterpillar room which will free up a projected space in the baby room from 1 Jan 2018. However, before the room move for Bill comes in to actual effect, we need to confirm the move - that is done from the upcoming room moves button.  

We can either confirm that we want the room move to happen, or we can click Bill's name to customise his room moves. This will take us to Bill's profile and his room move history.

Again, we can confirm the move to the Caterpillars or we can choose to keep him in Babies. We can also customise a special move rule just for Bill by clicking New room move.

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