Daily notes or details about a child are nice to have close at hand which is why you can enter such notes on a child's profile in Famly. You choose whether or not you want to share the note with the parents when you create it.

You find the Notes box on the far right tab on a child's profile under more.

Existing notes will appear in chronological order with the newest notes at the top.

How To

A new note is created by clicking More, Notes and New note in the top right corner.

First, you enter the note text. You then select if the note is sensitive meaning that only parents and staff with access to sensitive info can see the note. Next select whether the note should be visible to parents. If necessary, you can add a file (document or picture). You can update notes to alter your sensitive and visibility choices.

Parents will not receive a notification is a note is made visible to them, but they can access any notes made visible to them via their child's profile.

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