It isn't uncommon that nurseries charge more for babies than they do for their toddlers or pre-schoolers. In order to support that, without you having to change the prices for every child, Famly uses pricing groups. They enable you to enter different prices for the same type of session or product. By setting up rules for when a child should be charged a different price, Famly can make sure that you always charge the right prices.


  • Go to Setup in the menu on the left
  • Click Pricing
  • Click the Pricing Groups box in the top right corner
  • Enter the different pricing groups


It is important not to confuse the pricing groups with the different sessions you offer in the nursery. The pricing groups are good for entering different prices for different age spans for each type of session.
Full Day Session
Babies, 0-24 months = £25
Toddlers, 24-36 months = £22
Pre-Schoolers, 36-60 months = £20

If you charge the same price for your sessions no matter the age of the children, just enter one pricing group that covers the entire age span of children in your nursery, for example 'All Children'.

Pricing groups can basically be used for every occasion where you need a price differentiation as long as it changes due to a child ageing. However, it has nothing to do with funding, discounts, holidays or other issues that influence how an invoice is calculated.

Pricing Rules

If you do charge different prices for different age groups, it is an advantage to set up automatic rules for when the prices change for a child, ensuring that you are always charging the right prices for your sessions. Setting up the rules is done by clicking pricing move rules. We recommend that you read our guide to that by clicking the button below.


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