Access Rooms in 'Setup'. Rooms are a very obvious way of grouping the children in your nursery and the majority of nurseries have multiple rooms in their setting. You can set a room's Staff Ratio and also its Maximum Capacity. This information will be reflected in the Occupancy Report and Room Planning if you select to view by 'Rooms'.

It is possible to set up automatic room moves so that you do not have to arrange these manually. See the article below for more info!

Age Groups

Age groups are the second way of grouping children, as we appreciate sometimes Rooms may have a range of children of differing ages and may not always be a suitable grouping method. 

When in 'Setup', and then 'Children', you will see an 'Age Groups' button - this is where you set them up.  

You can name and split up your Age Groups as you wish, however the typical UK nursery would normally set up their Age Groups in this way:
0-24 months
24-36 months
36-60 months
60+ months (if a Before/After School club is offered)

In setting up Age Groups, you will be asked for the Staff Ratio and Maximum Capacity. 

Alike to Rooms, the information (as shown in the picture above) will be reflected in Room Planning and the Occupancy Report if you choose to view by Age Groups. 

Pricing Groups

Pricing Groups are the last, but certainly not least important, method of grouping. These are set up in 'Setup' and then 'Pricing'.
The pricing groups are good for entering different prices for different pricing bands for each type of session.
Full Day Session
Babies, 0-24 months = £25
Toddlers, 24-36 months = £22
Pre-Schoolers, 36-60 months = £20

The majority of nurseries charge different prices for different aged children, for the same session. If your nursery does not charge different prices for the same session, you would simply enter one pricing group, i.e. All Children. 

Unlike the two above, Pricing Groups are important to get 100% correct first time -  it is possible to edit them, but this has implications on your invoicing so is best to get correct from the start.

Alike to Rooms, you can make the transition up the Pricing Groups automatic so that you do not have to manually ensure a child is being charged the correct price. See more in the article attached below. 

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