If you want to offer direct debit as payment method for the parents, Famly can easily apply payments and create a file with the required details for you to upload to your bank or direct debit provider.

First, you need to enter the account details for each bill payer such as account name, sort code, account number etc. You will also need to mark the bill payer as paying via Direct Debit. This can be done by clicking on the Bill Payer name from the invoicing tab on a child's profile.

They will then appear in the list of bill payers in All Invoicing Activity.

When you are ready to download the direct debit file, go to the Revenue & Debt app and click All Invoicing Activity at the top. Next, click the top filter to the left and select Direct Debit Files. To the right, you will need to click the Make new direct debit run button. 

  • Before creating the direct debit run, you are asked if you'd like to create a payment for all bill payers, equal to each of their outstanding, which will bring their balance back to £0. This will be applied to their account on the payment date chosen.
  • When clicking create, the bill payer's account details and their outstanding balance of the account will be added to a spreadsheet file.
  • A new direct debit file is created and ready to be downloaded below
  • You upload the spreadsheet to your bank or a direct debit provider


Since Famly apply payments when you make a new direct debit run, it is always a good idea to check your bank statement to ensure that you have actually received the money.
In case a direct debit payment has been rejected by the bank, you will need to enter that in Famly in order to get the right account balance for the bill payer. We suggest one of two options:

  1. Delete the direct debit payment already entered from the bill payer's account
  2. Add a negative payment to the bill payer's account in order for the bill payer to see the rejection.

How to add a negative payment (option 2)

  • Open the bill payer's account and click add payment
  • Set payment method to other and write rejection or similar in the description box
  • Select the same date as the original direct debit payment
  • Enter a negative payment by entering a minus ( - ) in front of the full direct debit amount
  • Click save

If you charge a fee for rejected payments, we recommend adding the fee as a surcharge which will be picked up next time you invoice the parents. Do this by using 'New item' -> 'Surcharge'.


If you are interested in using the Direct Debit functionality in Famly, please write us at support@famly.co

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