Dear Pre-School Learning Alliance,

On behalf of the Famly Onboarding Team, I am very excited to welcome you to Famly! My name is Martin, and together with my colleagues, Ruby and Rebecca, we will be your main point of contact during the onboarding as well as future support.

This article includes:

  • A link to our training videos
  • A recorded 1.5-hour training webinar made for PSLA
  • A video demonstrating the advanced use of Famly
  • A recorded 1-hour webinar covering 'How to set up your Famly platform'

The Preparation Phase

An empty Famly platform has been created for every PSLA setting and the first step normally is entering children and staff. However, Anne Vine and her team are collecting the details about the children and the staff for each setting and then forwarding them to Famly via a secure connection. We will then import the details for you in order to save you some time.

Learning how to use Famly

We offer training webinars for all of you on dates set by Anne Vine and her team. A training webinar is a comprehensive run-through of Famly. If you are not able to attend a webinar, please find videos and a recording of a webinar below.
We recommend that you make yourself a nice cup of tea, put on your headphones, and follow the two steps below in order to get to grips with Famly.

  1. Please start by watching our basic introduction videos by following this link:
  2. When you have done that, please come back to this article and watch the video below, which is a recording of a PSLA training webinar

A recorded webinar

This webinar covers all features in Famly.

This webinar is an in-depth run-through of important features in Famly

Your access to Famly

When your Famly platform is ready, you will receive an email from Famly (remember to look in your inbox's spam folder). By clicking the link in the email, you will be able to create your personal password and a pin code for easy access. You now have access to Famly!

Setting up Famly

Before a Famly platform can be used for invoicing, registers, occupancy reports etc. a few setup steps need to be completed. This stage includes the bullets listed below, but please do not start until you have received a 'Ready to go' email from Famly or Anne Vine.

  • Entering closing days and term schedules (in and out of term periods)
  • Entering the sessions your nursery offers
  • Entering the children's plans / weekly booking pattern

The Set Up Webinar

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