At Famly we understand the importance of sticking to the required staff ratios. This is why we've created the ability for both room and age group staff ratios.

Room Ratios

You can enter your room ratios from your room settings. We suggest using room ratios if you have rooms that must stick to a certain ratio, normally rooms that do not have mixed ages. If you have mixed age group rooms, do not enter the ratio of those rooms the room settings.

Age Group Ratios (mixed rooms)

These should be used if you have mixed age groups in a single room. You can enter Age Group ratios by going into your Setup and into Children and clicking on Age groups. Here you will enter the staff ratios for the specific age groups.

When viewing Room Planning by room:

If the staff ratio is set in the room settings, we'll use that staff ratio for the required staff calculation. No matter if you have set a staff ratio on your age groups or not.

If you haven't set a staff ratio on the room then we'll find the age-groups for the children in the room on the given day and then use that to calculate the combined required staff for the room. This is an example of a mixed room ratio.

When viewing Room Planning by age group:

When viewing by age group we only ever use the staff ratio that's assigned to each age group.

When viewing Room Planning by room or by age group we suggest always looking at the required ratio per room/age group first. The total required ratio will simply be the sum of these ratios. The system will not round these up first before adding. This can result in the Total ratio being less than what is required in some instances.

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