You will find Custom Statuses in your Settings and Rooms.

Previously, you have been able to mark the child as 'on the bus' or 'on a school trip', but now you have many more options! Whether you want to mark a child as 'in the garden' or 'in the playground', or something completely different, you now have to option to customise.

You select the icon you want to use, the colour you want it to appear, and the label. When you 'add' it, it will appear in the list to the right. You can edit or delete them at any point. 

To then use these customised statuses, head over the Overview of your nursery and click on the Room that you want to go into. Once clicking on the child's icon, you will get a pop-up on the right hand side of your screen. When clicking Status you will get all of your options - when you click on 'painting' for example, this will reflect on the child's profile photo. To mark that they have finished the activity, you would click on the status once again,

These updates will be stored on the child's activity feed for the staff to keep track of, as well as for parents to see.

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