My child's institution uses Famly, but I have not received a login?

If you have note been sent a login, you should request that child’s nursery send you a login to Famly. If you have other children at Famly, it is important that they send the logins for all children to the same email address. If your partner has received a login to Famly, they also have the option of creating you as a contact and sending you a login. 

I have more than one child in a nursery, how can I access them both from one login?

It is easy to access more than one child in Famly via a single login. In order to do this you must contact your child's nursery and ask that they add you as a parent to all of your children. It is important that the same email address is used and sent a login for all children,

I have created a contact on my child's profile, with an incorrect email. How do I change it?

Contacts can not remove logins or change email addresses for other Famly contacts. It is best to request that the nursery change the logins for you, by messaging them directly through the messaging feature in Famly.

How do I change the email I use to access Famly?

You should do this from your settings, not from your child’s contact page. Simply click on your name in the top right corner of the page (when on computer), click on my settings. From here you can change your email address.

I've forgotten my password, how do I reset it?
Resetting your password is easy in Famly. Simply go to and click 'Add Account'. From here click 'Forgot Your Password?'. Enter your email address and send yourself a reset email password. You will receive an email in your inbox which will allow you to create a new password.

How do I download the photos of my child from Famly?
There is no easy way to download images from Famly. This is because there has been a lot of discussion about how easy it should be to download as there may be other children in the pictures - opinions differ here. We recommend that the photos stay in Famly. After your child has left a setting you will continue to have access to your child’s profile and photos you have tagged. You can then find your child’s profile after they have left a setting, by logging in to Famly, clicking on your photo in the upper right corner and selecting “graduated children”. More on parents tagging photos here.

I can no longer find my child’s profile after they have left the setting?

You can find your child's old profile, with previously tagged photos, by logging in to Famly, clicking on your photo in the upper right corner of your screen and then selecting “graduated children”.

Can I disable Famly emails or control my notifications?

You can control some some of the emails you receive from Famly by adjusting your notification settings. 

  • Log in to Famly
  • Click on your photo in the top right corner the small circle with the head at the top right
  • Select "Your Settings"
  • From here you can adjust your notifications settings by selecting the Globe tab
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