Before you start, you should check staff permissions, in the Child Development section in Manage roles in Staff in your settings. If you would like a certain role to be able to create observations, check the first box (normally room staff). If you would like them to be able to review and send observations, check the second box (normally managers). They will also need the basic permission "Access to basic child and employee info".

Make an Observation (single or group)

  • Go to your News Feed (or the child's Learning Journey)
  • In the top box, next to Post you will see Observation
  • Staff can only make observations as themselves, not as the nursery
  • Search for the child or children you are observing
  • You have the option to upload a photo or document
  • You can add EYFP links to your observation, as well as a photo and/or video. 

When clicking 'send', if the staff member doesn't have the send and review permission, they will only be able to send the observation for review. If a staff member has both permissions, they will be able to choose between post directly and send for review.

Next Steps

You can view next steps from the Child Development app. Here you can find a list of the different Next Steps entered on Observations. You can filter the next steps by key person.


In the Child Development app, you will have a progress report and cohort tracking capabilities. 

Children with observations will show up in the report and you will be able to see where they are at. Percentages show how much of an age band/area has been completed. 


Staff and managers will receive notifications in Famly based on the following rules:

  • A notification is sent to the staff member when a manager requests changes
  • A notification is sent to the manager when a staff member updates an observation in review
  • A notification is sent to the staff member when an observation is sent by a manager
  • A notification is sent to the staff member when the parents comment on an observation

Please note that this is an initial release and will be continuously developed over the next couple of months. *Subject to price change.

Parents and Observations

It is possible for parents to add observations to the Learning Journey. These will need to be reviewed by management before they are posted. Nursery staff will see the observation in the Child Development app and can add links, request changes, take ownership, or write a comment back to parents. When the nursery requests changes, the parent will receive a notification. See the article for parents here.

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