Invoicing profiles are profiles that determine the way a bill payer is invoiced. Just tell Famly whether you're invoicing over the full year or term time; annualised or actuals and whether any funding grants apply. 

Firstly, head to Setup and then Invoicing Profiles (Billing profiles if you have a US setup). 

You will see a video on the right hand side that explains how to use the feature. Any existing Attendance Schedules and Funding Grants you have set up, will appear under the relevant tabs.

If nothing has yet been set up, head to Attendance Schedules to set up the possible days children at your nursery can attend. Upon clicking 'New', you will be prompted for a title and to choose whether you want this schedule to be full year attendance or specific dates. If you select full year, there is no more you need to do. If you select specific dates, a calendar will pop up for you to mark the days children are able to attend on this schedule. Then click 'create'.

You are now able to drag so that you do not have to click each and every day.

Your attendance schedules may look a little like this!

To then add funding grants that you receive for children at your nursery, go to the next tab. Here, you can view existing grants or set up brand new ones. If you click 'new' you will be asked to select a title and then enter the rate that you receive (not necessarily what you give). 

Click 'create' and then this will save. Your funding grants page may look like this!

Now, head back to the Overview of Invoicing Profiles. This time click 'new' to bring everything discussed above, together. The GIF below shows how to use the Attendance Schedules and the Funding Grants to make an Invoicing Profile.

If you annualise your invoices i.e. take the weekly cost of a plan and multiply it by the number of weeks before dividing by months, you need to decide how many weeks a child attends on this profile, and how many months you split the cost across.
Example: £120 per week x 52 weeks / 12 months = £520 per month.

If this is not the way you invoice, and instead charge for the exact childcare a child attends within a given period of time e.g. a week, month or term, select actuals. You will not need to give any extra information in this case.

You select which invoicing profile you would like a specific child to follow, in their plan. You can choose if you have multiple to choose from, otherwise it will select your only Attendance Schedule by default. You can use the pen on the right of the Invoicing Profile to make any amendments to this individual profile.

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