Famly offers speedier payments for parents by debit card, credit card and direct debit directly in the app. Parents can pay their outstanding balance in Famly with just a couple of clicks or automatically by direct debit without any manual work from you. Your financial reports and accounts will, of course, be updated in real-time.


Famly charges a processing fee when using this feature. When a parent pays their outstanding balance in Famly, the fee will be deducted before the money arrives in your Famly Pay account. You can see the fees below:

BACS Direct Debit: 1% of payment amount, max £2, min 50p
European Debit & Credit Cards (Excl. Amex): 2% of payment amount + 20p per transaction
Non-European Debit & Credit Cards & Amex: 3.5% of payment amount + 20p per transaction

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  • How it works - credit/debit cards and BACS direct debit
  • How to setup your Famly Pay account - 6 steps
  • Parent view - link to the parent article
  • Notifications about payments
  • Overview of payments - completed, pending, failed.
  • Q&A


How it works

When the setup is complete, parents will see a Pay Balance button in Famly. When clicking that button, they'll be asked to enter their credit card details and pay their outstanding balance. A credit card payment will be processed right away, and it will be recorded as a credit card payment on the bill payer's account.
It takes about 7 days for payments made by card to show up in your bank account.

Parents can also create a BACS Direct Debit mandate which will enter a payment for the outstanding balance in Famly on the first working day of the month. Famly needs two working days to process a Direct Debit payment, so Famly sends a request to the bank to process the transaction two working days before the first working day of the month. Famly sends a notification to staff with the permission to manage financial details (typically managers) 3 days before, 1 day before, and on the day the payment requests are sent to the banks. When the payments have been processed, you'll get a payout of the total to your bank account.
The bill payers will receive an email confirming that they have been charged via Direct Debit.


1. Go to Setup and then select Parent Payments

2. Click 'Activate'

Tick the payment methods you would like to enable. You can amend this later on.

3. Enter the company details

Business name: The name of your business
Street, Post Code, City: The address of your business on your bank records
CRN number: Your company registration number (CRN) which is a unique combination of 8 numbers, or 2 letters followed by 6 numbers. It is used to identify your company and verify its legal existence as an incorporated entity.
Agree to the Account Agreement and Submit.

4. Enter personal details

Company Info: Are there additional owners with at least 25% ownership? (info: if the account responsible has ownership, he/she should not be listed as an additional owner)
Account Responsible
Enter the details of the account responsible.
(info: This is the person that has authority to sign contracts on behalf of the company)
Bank Account

The nursery's bank account details

5. Upload picture of ID

Famly needs to verify your details before your setup is complete. This can take a few hours. After that, 'Add info' will show on the left and you'll be asked to upload a picture of your ID. 

6. Setup complete

When your ID has been verified, the final step is to choose if you will accept payments with Direct Debit (BACS) and/or credit and debit cards on the left-hand side of the screen.

Parent View

Parents can easily pay their outstanding balance in Famly when you have completed the setup. Please find the help article for parents here.

By Credit and Debit Card

The first time a bill payer clicks 'Pay balance', they will be asked to enter their credit card details. These details will be stored by our payment processing provider (details at end of this article).

By Direct Debit (BACS)
Parents can setup a direct debit mandate when they go to 'Your Settings' after clicking their name in the top right corner and then click the tab 'Payment Methods'. Next, they need to click 'Setup BACS direct debit mandate' and enter the details requested. When they setup is complete, a parent can pay by using this mandate.

Where the parents can find the 'Pay balance' button:

On the invoice

The Balance menu

On the News Feed

Famly uses the provider Stripe who is the one of the leading payment providers globally.
Stripe's Terms and Conditions


Credit and Debit Cards
Parents paying with credit and debit cards will instantly receive an error message if the transaction cannot be completed. Therefore, card payments won't show in Famly unless they have been verified (just like shopping online).

Manual direct debit
Parents can create a direct debit mandate but choose not to be charged automatically. This is considered manual direct debit meaning that the direct debit mandate only can be used and works in the same way as a card payment.

Automatic direct debit
Parents can choose to allow automatic charges via the direct debit mandate they have created in Famly. They will receive emails confirming a transactions, and nursery managers will receive in-app notifications.

Email to the parent
Dear [name],

Your transaction is complete. You have been charged {{ payment.formattedAmount}} using BACS Direct Debit.

Bank Account: [bacs last 4 digits]
Mandate Reference: [bacs mandate reference]
Mandate Details: [bacs mandate url]

Payments using BACS Direct Debit are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee: https://www.directdebit.co.uk/DirectDebitExplained/pages/directdebitguarantee.aspx

If you have any questions, please write [nursery email].

Kind regards,
[nursery name]

Overview of payments

Payments made via cards or direct debit can be found in Revenue & Debt app -> All invoicing activity -> filter for payment method.
You can also get an overview of pending payments via Setup -> Famly Pay.


Are you considering a credit card and debit card the same entity?
Yes, we do consider a credit and debit card the same entity. It will work just like shopping online, so a debit card payment will not be accepted if there are insufficient funds on the account linked to the card.

What date will the card receipt be on the Famly account? The date of payment?
The receipt aka. the line showing the payment on the bill payer's account will show up right away and therefore show the date the parent clicked pay.

How long will it take to reach our bank?
A credit/debit card payment will take approx. 4 working days to show up in your bank account. This is due to the usual fraud protection etc., so this is standard when paying something online.

Will it be individual payments or bulk daily?
Credit and debit card payments will paid out in bulks. So, payments made on the same day in Famly will be paid out in a bulk together.

How will we be able to track what payments are being made by the feature without accessing the individual accounts?
As always 'All invoicing activity' in the Revenue & Debt will show you all payments made in the nursery. You can still use the manual ways of entering payments without this conflicting the payments made automatically.

Is it possible for a transaction to fail after the receipt has been applied to the famly account? If so, what is the process?
A verification process will begin as soon as the bill payer click pay. Just like you know it from a normal shop, you'll get a warning if the transaction cannot be completed. This will be recorded on the bill payer's account as failed. A failed transaction will not count towards the balance.

Is there a relatively simple way to allow the person reconciling to separate the card payments and reconcile later?
The list of all payments in 'All invoicing activity' can be filtered to only show credit card or debit card payments with full details showing.

Can we just use the Card payment, or do we have to both card and DD?
Yes. Just head to Parent Payments on the Setup page in Famly. In the top left corner, you can choose which payment types you accept.

How does the Direct Debit facility work?
The parents create a Direct Debit Mandate in Famly which ask for their full name, street, zip, city, sort code, and account number. Famly will then automatically charge the outstanding balance of the bill payer on the first working day of the month. Famly needs two working days to process a Direct Debit payment, so Famly sends a request to the bank to process the transaction two working days before the first working day of the month. The direct debit will then show on the bill payer's account, it will be recorded in your Debt Report, and it will show in 'All invoicing activity'.
Famly will handle the entire process for you.

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