Earlier this summer we sent a message regarding the changes we were making to the Invoicing Setup. Previously Schools and Term Dates were used to determine the way a child was invoiced. When adding a child’s booking pattern you would have chosen the school the child was in, whether they were a Term Time or Full Year child and whether they should be invoiced by Actuals or Annuals.  These three options have since been combined to be included in a single invoicing profile. When creating the invoicing profile, you chose the attendance schedule which will be either full year or term time. This previously would have been the school. In the same invoicing profile you decide whether this profile will be invoiced by actuals or annuals, as well as if funding grants can be applied to children on this profile. Now, when adding a child’s booking pattern you only need to choose a single invoicing profile, instead of a school, term time/full year and annualised/actuals.

You can find invoicing profiles in your Finance Setup. Famly has automatically migrated your old settings to fit in with the new invoicing profile layout. However if you had only entered term dates until December 2018, you will now need to make a few adjustments for next term. The attendance schedule you used before invoicing profiles, is likely still both a Full Year and Term Time schedule. In order to schedule in further term time dates, this attendance schedule will need to be updated to “specific dates”. 

Now that it is specific dates, you can enter your future term dates and update. Moving forward this attendance schedule and invoicing profile that uses this schedule should be for your term time only children. However all Full Year children that are already on this invoicing profile will not require any action. They will continue to be Full year children.

However, you should now also make a new Full Year attendance schedule and invoicing profile for all of your future full year children. Click New attendance schedule and select Full Year. Head back into the overview, select 'new invoicing profile', and use the Full year attendance schedule. Moving forward all future full year children should be put on this attendance schedule. We also suggest moving any existing Full Year children to this invoicing profile when they have a plan change.

You can always check which invoicing profiles your children are on by heading into setup and into plans. The details of the invoicing profiles will appear in each child’s row, but you can also filter by invoicing profile type using this drop down box. 

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