Although, nurseries operate in different ways, we have identified a couple of typical use cases which you might encounter during your setup or use of Famly.

This article covers:

  • Funding calculation
  • Stretched funding
  • Term time & holiday club
  • Staff access outside opening hours
  • Parents assigning logins to the contacts of their child

Funding calculation

There are many ways of calculating the monetary amount of funding that should be deducted from a child's invoice. Do you multiply the council rate by the number of hours? Do you deduct the full price of your sessions?
If your funding isn’t working out quite the way you want it, it’s worth having a closer look.

Famly can assist you by finding the cheapest hours during the week. This will give the amount of funded hours you enter on a plan away for ‘free’. I.e. it will take your average hourly rate x amount of funded hours. Alternatively, if you only give away the rate that you receive (which is usually different to your hourly rate), you can use the ‘set manually’ button to enter a figure in the deduction from invoice box that matches the figure shown in the claimable from local authority box . 

For more information, see our article: Public Funding

Stretched funding

For children who attend all year round, you can stretch your funding over the year (especially common when nurseries annualise their fees). This means that the funding amount deducted every week all year round will be lower than it would have been if it was deducted for the term-time only weeks. Within a child’s plan, you can enter the amount of hours they receive per week. If this doesn’t work out as a whole amount of hours, simply select ‘add as decimal’. 

Example: a child receives 30 hours of funding for 38 weeks, but attend 51 weeks. 

30 hours x 38 weeks = 1140 hours for the year

1140 hours ÷ 51 weeks = 22.35 hours per week

Famly will then find the cheapest 22.35 hours among the sessions on the plan to which funding can be applied. That is how the monetary amount is calculated (i.e. £140.10).

Of course, you can choose to set manually and enter a different amount.

Term time & holiday club

How you handle children that do different plans in Term time and Holiday club depends firstly on the way you invoice. Let’s split it down.

Annualised invoices
By annualising the invoices, you want the invoices to be the same every month. Therefore, both term time and holiday club must be taken into account from the beginning of setting up a child's plan. This means that you need to set up annualised Plan Parts (*Premium), see the article on how to set this up: Annualised Plan Parts 

Actuals invoices
For Actuals invoicing you'll need to schedule a plan charge every time there is a change in the plan from term time to holiday time. This article explains a nice little trick to get those holiday clubs booked in between the term time plans: Temporary changes in Routine Plans.

Another option is to use a term time invoicing profile for the child's regular plan and use ad hoc purchases to enter attendance for the holiday period.
Remember to consider how you are required to do funding before you begin the setup.

Staff access outside opening hours

The manager role grants the user access to the platform at any time, from any device. In terms of other roles, you can choose whether they have this access using the top permission in Staff Access ‘Can access Famly without being signed in’. If a role does not have this permission, staff with this role will be required to be signed into the nursery, in order for them to be gain full access to their platform. They need to be signed in the same way that you would the children - either on the sign in/out kiosk (*Premium), or on the nursery overview (*Starter, Essentials & Premium). 

** Free & Starter packages - you will have two fixed roles, Manager and Staff, that cannot be edited.

Parent logins

To get started, nurseries should add at least one parent to a child's profile. Once this parent has been sent a parent login, they are also able to add additional contacts and send logins. Nurseries have the option to either have the parent add additional contacts and send logins or do this themselves. There are two possible roles - ‘parent’ and ‘family’. 

With the Family role you are able to pick up the child as well as view photos/videos/document/posts sent to the child via the News Feed. This is recommended for grandparents and other family members.

With the Parent role you have access to everything regarding the child. Both photos, posts, private messages, the Learning Journey, invitations and the child’s profile.

For how to add and invite contacts, see our article: Adding and Inviting Contacts

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