Funding scenarios covered in this article:

  • Stretched Funding
  • Specific hours of funding
  • Mid-week plan changes or invoice splits

If you need guidance on how to enter funding in Famly, please visit this article:

Stretched funding

For children who attend all year round, you can stretch your funding over the year (especially common when nurseries annualise their fees). This means that the funding amount deducted every week all year round will be lower than it would have been if it was deducted for the term-time only weeks. Within a child’s plan, you can enter the amount of hours they receive per week. If this doesn’t work out as a whole amount of hours, simply select ‘add as decimal’. 

Example: a child receives 30 hours of funding for 38 weeks, but attend 51 weeks. 

30 hours x 38 weeks = 1140 hours for the year

1140 hours ÷ 51 weeks = 22.35 hours per week

Famly will then find the cheapest 22.35 hours among the sessions on the plan to which funding can be applied. That is how the monetary amount is calculated (i.e. £140.10).

Of course, you can choose to set manually and enter a different amount.

Funding of Specific hours

Some nurseries will chose only specific hours that can be funded. In these cases you'll use an hourly priced session that is allowed to have funding applied to it to charge for the funded hours, and an hourly priced session that is not allowed to have funding applied to it for the chargeable hours. 

I've created the funded hours at the same rate as the council grant and the non-
funded hours at the nursery chargeable hourly rate.

I've then added these hours to the plan. You'll see this child receives 15 hours of funding which covers the 15 hours of the Funded sessions add to the plan. The child is then charged for the remaining 12 hours of the Additional hours session.

Mid-week plan changes or invoice splits

The funding shown in a plan is based on a normal full 5-day week (Monday to Friday). If a plan changes mid-week or the invoice period splits a week, Famly will redistribute the funding and you will be able to see that in the detailed preview of an invoice. Famly will never give more than a week's worth of funding each week.

The picture below shows a child that attends two AM sessions and three PM sessions per week. The 'F' shows that all AM sessions and only the PM sessions on Monday and Thursday can be funded. The AM sessions take up 10 hours of funding and the PM session on Monday takes up 4 hours which leaves 1 hour of funding. Because we have decided that the Tuesday PM session cannot receive funding, the final hour of funding will be allocated to the Thursday PM session. If the Monday and Tuesday fell in one month's invoicing, say November and the Thursday in the next, say December, 14 hours of funding will be applied to the November invoice and 1 hour of funding to the December invoice. 

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