Settle your invoices (by credit card and direct debit) directly through Famly, in the app. You can pay your outstanding balance with just a couple of clicks, or automatically by direct debit.

The nursery will have the option to select which methods of payments they wish to offer.

By Credit and Debit Card

The first time you click 'Pay balance', Famly will ask you to enter your credit card details. These details will be stored by our payment processing provider (details at end of this article).

By Direct Debit (BACS)

You can also setup a direct debit mandate by clicking 'Your Settings' under your name in the top right corner. Click the tab 'Payment Methods'. Next, you'll need to click 'Setup BACS direct debit mandate' and enter the details requested. When the setup is complete, you can pay by using this mandate.

After clicking 'Next'. Finish by clicking 'Confirm'.

Where to find the 'Pay balance' button

  1. On the invoice - top right corner.

2. The Balance menu - on the left-hand side.

3. On the News Feed - when you receive a new invoice.

Famly uses the provider Stripe who is the one of the leading payment providers globally. Stripe's Terms and Conditions

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