£69 per month ->  £99 per month* 

Making the move from the Starter to the Essentials package is all about giving you the increased flexibility and clever automation tools to help you run your setting the way you want.

The upgrade includes the ability to send virtual permission slips, as well as setting up automated price and room changes for children as they grow. 

These automatic room moves will allow you to forecast occupancy using the occupancy report and planner. You also gain further control over staff management, with the ability to customise staff roles and monitor staff attendance, holiday and sick days through the staff hours app

The Essentials package also comes with accident reports and the safeguarding app to monitor accidents or incidents at your setting. You can use the the documents app for sharing documents internally and export direct debit payments for your accounting software using the Direct Debit export. If you are an organisation with more than one setting, you’ll also gain access to group-level reporting which allows you to monitor Revenue and Debt at an organisational level.

In addition to all of this and your 5GB of storage, we’ll provide you with guided onboarding, phone chat and email support.


+ Occupancy planning

+ Accident reports

+ The safeguarding app

+ Parental permissions

+ Automated plan changes

+ Direct debit exports

+ Group-level reporting

+ Staff hour reports

+ Document storage

+ Custom access control

+ Unlimited invoicing

+Tailored Onboarding plan

+ Email and chat support

+ 5GB storage

*Payment terms apply, you can read more about our pricing here.

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