£99 per month  ->  £149 per month*

Moving from the Essentials to the Premium package gives you complete, modern, software software with intelligent features to really save you hours. 

With the premium package comes the Sign in Screen, which allows staff and parents to check children and themselves in and out on a daily basis through a purpose built app.

The Enquiries app allows you to manage your enquiries and waiting list, seeing real-time availability for interested parents, while in the Staff qualifications app you can manage and view your team’s qualifications. 

With the Premium package, parents are able to request ad hoc care directly in the app, and you are able to send out payment reminders to automatically chase any overdue bill payers. You also have access to the Funding Loop export, which can be used to claim funding from your local council. If you are a nursery group, you’ll also have access to a group dashboard, which gives you an overview of all the key statistics on all of your settings.

Finally the Premium package comes with unlimited storage, and you’ll be given priority phone, chat, and email support.


+ Sign- in screen

+ Enquiries and waiting list app

+ Automatic payment reminders

+ Parent-requested care

+ Group dashboard

+ Staff qualifications and checks

+ Unlimited storage

+ Priority support

*Payment terms apply, you can read more about our pricing here.

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