You now have the ability to bulk update your plans to pick up any changes you've made to your session, product or package settings including changes to price and chargeable days.

Before bulk changing
It's important that you make the changes to your sessions correctly before bulk updating plans. The link below explains how to make changes to your sessions, products and packages.

Schedule a Session Price or Settings change

Important: Check each point in the list below when changing the session, product or package before bulk changing plans:

  • make sure you select the correct change date, specifically the year
  • if you are using annualised plans, use the 1st of a month as the schedule change date
  • if you are using automatic pricing move rules, make sure there is a price in every pricing group box, even if it is £0, you should type in 0
  • make sure the correct checkboxes (funding, flexible, closing days, sick days) are checked
  • do not need to discontinue sessions, simply enter their new price. If you discontinue sessions, you'll need to manually change the plans of children using those sessions

How to bulk schedule change
You'll need to first request the Customer Success team to enable this feature for you. They will also enable the plan warning feature, which will show a little blue 'i' next to plans that do not have the new price picked up from the new price's active date.

  • head in to Setup and in to Plans
  • check the checkbox in the top left hand corner of the table, or the checkboxes of only the specific children you'd like to pick up the changes to the left of their names
  • then hit Update plans in the top right hand corner
  • select the date you want the changes to come into effect, this should normally match the schedule change date you used for your session price/settings change. This will update all existing plans and future plans that have a start date of that date (eg. April 1 2019) or later.
  • if you would like to schedule change existing plans, to create a plan with an April 1 start date, check the checkbox (shown below). This should be used if children have plans that start before the change date (eg. a plan start date of Jan 1 2019), but need to pick up the new prices from the change date (April 1 2019).
  • hit Preview, this will bring up a preview of existing plans and what those plans would look like once updated/schedule changed
  • you can then hit Update Plans, which will update the existing plans with a start date of the change date or later and (if you've checked the box) schedule a plan change from that date with the new prices

Warning: Unable to save

You may find that some plans will have an unable to save warning in red text, this can be for a number of reasons. These include but are not limited to:

  • Children will be leaving the nursery (last day) before the change date
  • Children will not start before the change date
  • A session on the child's current plan has been discontinued so cannot be updated (unavailable)
  • A session on the child's current plan does not have a price in all pricing group boxes, but the child is on automatic pricing (unavailable)
  • The plan has already been invoiced for that date (cancel invoice to resolve)
  • The invoicing profile on the current plan has been deleted from your platform

These plans will not be updated with the bulk update, instead you will need to check and update these manually, by going to their booking and hitting schedule change. Once you choose the change date, the plan should say what is wrong. If you find that the majority of your plans have a warning, cancel/close the bulk update, and make the necessary changes before trying the bulk update again.

Manual Schedule Change

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