This article is a step-by-step guide on how to setup Famly Pay. If you haven't read the introduction to Famly Pay, we recommend that you click this button:

1. Login to Famly and access the Setup page. 

Only managers with the permission to manage financial information can access the page.

2. Click 'Famly Pay'

3. Select payment methods

Leave a tick next to the payment options you would like to offer.

4. Click 'Activate'

Once activated, parents can start making payments using the payment methods you checked off. If you do not have all the details required to complete the setup at hand, we suggest you start without any payment methods enabled.

5. Enter the company details

Business name: The name of your business
Street, Post Code, City: The address of your business on your bank records
CRN number: Your company registration number (CRN) which is a unique combination of 8 numbers, or 2 letters followed by 6 numbers. It is used to identify your company and verify its legal existence as an incorporated entity.
Agree to the Account Agreement and click 'Submit'.

6. Enter personal details

Entering your personal details is necessary to verify the account. Make sure that you are entitled to complete this setup on behalf the nursery.
Company Info:
Are there additional owners with at least 25% ownership? (info: if the account responsible has ownership, he/she should not be listed as an additional owner)
Account Responsible:
Enter the details of the account responsible.
(info: This is the person that has authority to sign contracts on behalf of the company)
Bank Account:
The nursery's bank account details

7. Upload picture of ID

As you are doing the setup on behalf of the nursery, Famly needs to verify your details before your setup is complete. This can take a few hours. After that, 'Add info' will show on the left and you'll be asked to upload a picture of your ID.
If you get a warning that upload or verification didn't work, please take a new photo of your ID and try to upload again.

8. Setup complete!

Once you have entered all the required details, our payment provider will verify the details. If some details were incorrect, such as a blurry photo of your ID, or a misspelling of an address, we will ask you again for more information.

When your ID has been verified, this is a good time to enable the different payment methods if you haven't already. You can also choose whether you would like parents to choose the amount they would like to pay.

Should the person who setup Famly Pay leave, don't worry! The personal details were only used to verify that the person who created the Famly Pay account on behalf of the nursery was legit. The details are not used for anything else.

Famly Pay is now available to the parents!

Click the button below to learn what the parents can see and how you can use Famly Pay on a daily basis.

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