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Creating your children and staff in Famly is one of the first steps you need to complete.

In Famly

It is quick and straight-forward to create your children and staff from the Setup page in Famly. This way, you have a chance to double check children's details, and ensure everything is up-to-date!


We also offer to import certain child and staff data to your new Famly platform.

Please download and fill out the sheets found at the bottom and return them to support@famly.co.uk.

Famly will not be able to import sheets that do not follow the exact format.

  • Do not add children or staff to the sheets that have already been added to Famly
  • No extra comments in the columns
  • Name: forename + surname without salutation
  • Gender: M for male, F for female
  • One child for every line. If twins, please use two lines for parent details
  • Room: only 1 room name and it should match room names in platform already entered
  • Only valid emails, e.g. contact@famly.co - No special characters such as <contact@famly.co> or "contact@famly.co"
  • Emails: Only 1 email per cell, and no email without correlating name
  • Date format: dd/mm/yyyy, ex. 26/07/2017

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