If you are changing your prices, please follow this article

Otherwise, PLEASE NOTE: there are two steps to making an amendment, it will not come into effect until both of these are completed.

  1. Amend the item, and the date you want the change to come into effect.
  2. Schedule plan changes for the children who will be moved onto the amended version (can be done in bulk).


You may want to start charging for bank holidays, or your Full Day session may be changing from 8.00 - 16.00 to 09.00 - 17.00... well, the below instructions will help you fix this.

  • First access your Pricing via your Settings
  • Select the Session, Product or Package you would like to adjust
  • Click on the 3 black bars in the top left corner of your selection
  • Select Schedule change BEFORE amending
  • Select a start date from which you would like the changes to come into effect. This date cannot be changed once saved.
  • Amend the Session, Product or Package
  • Click the green Save button


If you have scheduled a change, you presumably want children's plans to pick up the new version from this date. 

To save you going into each child's plan individually to schedule a change, we can help out. Either we will be able to enable the function for you to do it yourself, or we will do it for you. Please email support@famly.co and let us know the date on which you would like the children's plans to pick up the new version. 

*** It is very important to pay attention to the points in this article before we can successfully make the change for you. ***

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