This article will give you a few trips and tricks on how to use Famly in case of an emergency.

We recommend that you prepare for an emergency by having a well trained evacuation procedure, including designating a person responsible for such things as retrieving a tablet, having a charged phone and communication with parents.

Ensuring internet access in order to use Famly

Since Famly is a cloud-based app, it requires internet access. Not all nurseries have tablets with a sim card option, but there is a way around this.

Option A.

  • Make sure to have Famly installed on a mobile phone with a data plan, that way you'll be able to access the app including registers and list directly from the phone.

Option B.

  • Connect a tablet to an wifi hotspot that can be created from mobile phone's with data. It should be agreed that the responsible manager always has their phone. Make sure to have connected the tablet to the hotspot at least once before, so you won't have to fiddle with connecting and entering a password.

Make sure that the designated devices have a charge, and make sure to assign a backup device. We recommend that if you select the tablet option, that you use a tablet that's always charging eg. the signing in/out tablet.

Getting an overview of who is in

When you've logged in to Famly you can see who's checked in to the nursery by navigating to the overview tab and selecting 'All Rooms'.  Here you'll be able to see all children and staff signed in. 

Additionally, you can also go to the 'Lists' app and select the preset list 'Evacuation List'. It's find on the right side of the screen. From here you'll be able to see which children are signed in. You can add a number of details to the list, including contact details. All information is updated in real time. You can also create a staff evacuation list. More on the list app here

You can also use the Room Planning app or the Attendance Report app to get an overview of who is expected and who is actually in the nursery.

Notifying parents

When all children and staff are accounted for, you can use Famly to notify the parents of the emergency.

Communication is vital in case of an emergency, but you do not want to cause too much panic. Therefore, Famly offers that you can solely write parents with children who are signed in when the emergency happens.

To do this navigate to the overview, click the 'All Rooms' tab at the top, and then click the green checkmark beneath the graph. Now click 'Select all children' on the right side of the screen, and click 'Send Post' in the menu that appears just above.


If tablets get lost, don't worry about data loss. All data in Famly is stored in the cloud, so you'll be able to access all your information from a different device.

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