Using Famly Pay is a real time-saver for you and your childcare provider. With Famly Pay you can pay for your childcare directly through the Famy app. This article explains how to get started.

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  • Parent BACS Direct Debit (DD) setup & verification
  • Parent Card payment setup
  • Parent account overview
  • Famly Pay emails

Setup via 'Your settings'

When at least one payment method is enabled by the nursery, you can start on their setup.

  1. You log in to Famly
  2. Click your name/picture in the top right corner
  3. Select 'Your settings'
  4. Select 'Payment methods'
  5. Click 'Add direct debit mandate'

BACS Direct Debit

You will be asked to fill out this form followed by a confirmation page.

Verification of direct debit mandate

Before a direct debit mandate is ready for use, it must be verified by our payment provider. This takes about 2 days. In order for an automatic DD mandate to be included in the next DD run, it must be verified at least 1 day prior to the DD run date.

Setup via the 'Pay' button

If your childcare provider has sent invoices through Famly and enabled one or more of the payment methods during their setup of Famly Pay, you will also see a 'Pay' button on your balance tab.
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By clicking the 'Pay' button, Famly will ask you to choose from the options available. Our demo nursery offers all payment methods.

If you select BACS Direct Debit, you will be asked to fill out the two forms noted above under BACS Direct Debit.

Card payments

Credit and debit card payments are made by selecting 'Use new credit or debit card'. You will have to enter their card details followed by clicking 'Pay now'.
You can choose the amount you wish to pay if that is something the nursery has enabled in their Famly Pay setup. 

Parent account overview

Payments made by you via Famly Pay will act the same way as payments entered by the nursery. You will have the overview of invoices, payments, and your outstanding balance.
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  • Notice that the 'Pay' button is not clickable due to the balance being £0.00. This prevents you from paying too much (being in credit), thus preventing refund requests. 
  • The 'automatic payments' box shows that this bill payer will be charged automatically via BACS direct debit. They will be charged based on the day of the month the childcare provider selecta when setting up Famly Pay.

Automatic payments

The 'Automatic payments' tab at the top is where you can see the payment methods you have created (Available payment methods) and set to be automatically charged (Active).

Famly Pay emails

If you have set up and use direct debit manually or automatically (active) will receive the following emails to inform you about the progress of your DD payment.

The day before a DD run

Dear [name],

You have set up automatic payments for your account with [nursery], and the next payment will be made on [date].

Any outstanding debt will automatically be paid using [payment method].

If you do not wish to be charged, please go to your balance and remove the automatic payment method before [date].

If you have no due payments, you can ignore this e-mail.

Kind regards,


On the day of the DD run

Dear [name]

Your transaction is being processed and should be completed within a few days.

You have been automatically charged £[amount] using [payment method] as a payment to [nursery].

If you have any questions, please send us a message at [nursery email].

King regards,


0-2 days after the DD run (depends on processing speed)

Dear [name]

Your payment of £[amount] has been accepted, and the transaction is currently being processed.

You will be charged and the payment sent to [nursery] in approximately 2 business days ([date]).

You can see the full details of your Direct Debit mandate in your payment settings in Famly or via this link: [link].

Payments made using Direct Debit are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee: You can cancel a Direct Debit payment at any time by simply contacting your bank or building society.

Your payment is being handled by Famly and will appear as "Famly" on your bank statements.

However, if you have questions regarding *the invoice*, it's best to contact us at {{}}. If your issue is with the payments themselves, then please contact

Kind regards,


When the DD payment is completedDear [name],

Your transaction is complete. You have been charged £X using BACS Direct Debit.

Bank Account: [bacs last 4 digits] Mandate Reference: [bacs mandate reference]Mandate Details: [bacs mandate url]

Payments using BACS Direct Debit are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee:

If you have any questions, please write [nursery email].

Kind regards,[nursery name]

Automatic payments by card

Dear [name]

You have been automatically charged £[amount] and your payment is on it's way to [nursery].

If you have any questions, please send us a message at [nursery email].

King regards,


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