You’re able to submit how much food each child has consumed during the day.

First you will need to register the meals you offer in your settings. 

  • Click on the Nursery and select ‘Settings’ in the top
  • Click on the ‘Show’ button next to the ‘Meal Settings’ box
  • Add the meal types you offer and click save

Now that the meal options have been made available you can report meal consumption for specific children. To do this:

  • Head in to your nursery overview
  • Select a room
  • Select a child or multiple children in a class and click status on the right hand side
  • Select the meal icon
  • Next select the meal type you are recording

  • From here you can either type a food type to create it for the first time, or select a food type that has already been created
  • On the right hand side you can select how much was consumed. You can choose to specify the unit and exact amount by clicking the three dots (see photos below)
  • You can also edit the date and time if necessary
  • Finally hit Save

Registered food consumption is shown on the child’s calendar and on their activity feed on their profile, which is visible to the parents.

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