As a staff member, you can choose the classes from which you would like to receive messages and notifications by setting them as your 'favourite'. The symbol for a favourite class is a star and classes marked with a star will be shown under the star tab when you go to overview of the nursery.

If you want to select or deselect a class as a favourite, you need to enter the class you want to mark as a favourite. In the upper right corner next to the graph, you'll find a star symbol. A grey star means that the class is not a favourite but when pressing the star symbol it turns yellow and the class is now a favourite.

You can go back to the star tab on the overview in order to check if the class has been added as a favourite.

Who can write the parents?

Only managers can write private messages with the parents. The rest of the staff always communicate as a team meaning that the parents' reply goes to the shared ‘Team’ inbox that everyone has access to.

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