Sending posts is an easy way of keeping parents informed about what is going on in your setting. A post gives you the opportunity to write a short message and add pictures, video or documents.

Sending posts in Famly is done on the News Feed. 

Clicking 'News Feed' in the menu will take you to your personal news feed where you can see previous posts and/or write a new post.

Writing a new post

  1. Start by selecting who you want to send the post as, in the white box at the top of the screen. You can choose yourself, a class/group or as the entire nursery.
  2. Below, you can select your recipients. Click the field once and select from the list or type a name of a class or group, and Famly will come up with suggestions. 
  3. Select recipients by clicking on their name. You may select as many recipients as you want.
    You may notice that the name of a class appears twice - that's because you can select children and staff separately. 

Adding Text and Pictures

Below the chosen recipients, you'll find the text area where you can write your message, and below that you will find the ‘Upload’ button. Here you can attach pictures, videos and documents to a post. Adding multiple pictures will create a photo gallery.

From time to time you may get interrupted as you're writing a post - but don't worry. Famly saves a draft and stores it in the icon in the upper right corner of the post box. When you have time, go back and find the draft, finish your post and send it by pressing the green ‘Send’ button.

Finally, you can choose if you want to disable the possibility of parents commenting on your post. You do this by clicking the three dots ( · · · ) next to the send button.

Keep your posts short and select only the recipients that are interested in the post.

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