The calendar is used for creating events and getting an overview of previous and upcoming events. It is very easy to create new events - simply follow the guide below.

Click ‘Calendar’ in the menu on the left-hand side to access the calendar. In order to create a new event, you simply click ‘New Event’ in the top left corner of the screen. You now have two options:

  1. A single one-time event for example a party or a meeting
  2. A weekly schedule, i.e. several events in one go.

Option 1: A single event

  • including an RSVP function

It is very straight-forward to create an event. 

  • Fill out the requested fields
  • Create the event by clicking the green ‘Create’ button
  • The event is now visible in the calendar of those you selected as recipients in the ‘Who’ field. You can invite all, a single class, only the staff, or only one child - it is your choice. 
  • If you do not require RSVP, the recipients will not receive an email or notification.

If you require RSVP's, make sure to fill in the RSVP fields and the recipients will receive an invitation by email and notification, in which they are asked to reply to (attending or not attending). Parents will get the notification straight away. If they don't answer, they will get a reminder 2 weeks before the deadline, then 1 week, then 3 days, 2 days, and lastly the day before the deadline. This is only if they haven't answered. 

  • If the event is within 60 days they will receive an invite to the event right away
  • if the event is over 60 days away, they will receive an invite to the event 60 days before the RSVP date. 

Option 2: A weekly schedule

  • useful for informing about daily activities

If you click the ‘New Week Schedule’ option, the screen shown above will appear.  

  • Begin by entering who the weekly schedule is for, e.g. all children or only one class. 
  • In order to add a new event, simply select the right date and click ‘+ Add Event’.
    (If the event is not taking place in the current week, jump forward in time by clicking ‘+Add Week’ until you reach the correct week) 
  • A box will appear asking you to enter a few details: a title, start/end time and a description. 
  • When you've added all the events for one week, you can go on to the next week by clicking ‘+ Add Week’ at the bottom. You now have the opportunity to add events for that week.
  • Finish off by pressing the green ‘Create’ button, which will add all the events to the selected recipients' personal Famly calendar.
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