Removing a contact person's login as well as deleting a contact person in your Famly platform is done from the child profile.

Enter the profile of the child for whom you want to remove a contact person. Click the tab ‘Contacts’ and find the contact person you want to remove.
To the right, you'll find a button with green writing. It will either say ‘Send login’ or ‘Role: parent/family/pick-up’.

Remove Login

If the contact person has a login to Famly, you can remove it by clicking ‘Role: parent/family/pick-up’ and then select remove login in the box that appears. You must remove their login before they can be deleted. 

Delete Contact Person

At the bottom left of each contact person's sheet of details, you'll find a ‘Delete’ button. Click it and confirm. The contact person is now removed from Famly.

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