There’s not much sense in creating an invoice if nobody is going to pay it. Therefore, you need to assign bill payer(s) to each child before you start issuing invoices.

You can assign multiple bill payers, such as parents, voucher companies or a parent’s employer. Each will have their own balance sheet where invoices and payments are stored.  It will be available to you on the child's profile.


You assign a bill payer on a child's profile under the tab ‘Invoicing’.

Assigning the First Bill Payer

Click the 'Assign' button in the box named ‘Bill Payers’. In the new box that opens, you can either create a new bill payer or use an existing one. You can select the parents if they are created as a contact person for the child by clicking in the search box of existing contacts and bill payers. Information that has been entered on the contact (email, physical address) will be transferred to the bill payer. Should you edit the contact after the bill payer has been added, the edits will not be picked up on the bill payer, so edits should be made in both places.

Assign multiple bill payers to a single child
You can add multiple bill payers to a single child and assign a percentage allocation from the same page. Simply click add bill payer.

Add Invoice recipients

If you do not want the invoice to be split, but instead be sent to more than one recipient, simply add an invoice recipient. Do this by going into the invoicing tab of a child, assign a bill payer (eg. Mum), then click See Info underneath the bill payer. On the left you should be able to add a recipient, here you can add Dad.

Assign Multiple Bill Payers to multiple children in One Go

You can easily add several bill payers from the same screen as soon as you've added plans for the children. Go to Apps -> Revenue and Debt -> Batch Invoice.
Children without bill payers assigned will show up in a box names 'Unsolved Issues'. From here, you can click 'Assign Bill Payers' to the right and easily go through all the children with missing bill payers.

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