Setting up a tablet as a sign in/out screen requires the following steps:

  • Open the Internet on the tablet (e.g. Google Chrome)
  • Enter the following address and click enter
  • The app opens and the following screen appears:

Before logging in: 

You have to add the website to your home screen. This is done in the following way: 

  • Click on the icon in the upper right corner forming three dots
  • Select ‘Add to home screen
  • A small window opens, where you can change the app name, if you like
  • Click ‘Add’. 
  • Now the Sign In/Out app is accessible from the home screen of your tablet.

Activate the app by logging in

  • Close the internet and find the new Famly Signin icon on the start screen 
  • Click on the icon
  • Choose language

Now you can log in with a unique password for your setting. The password can be accessed by following these steps: 

  • Log into Famly
  • Go to ‘Apps’ in the left menu
  • Click on the ‘Sign In/Out’ app. 
  • At the bottom of the page, the password appears in a black box (this will change daily).
  • Type in the password on the tablet 
  • Now you can see an overview of the classes and staff in your setting
  • The Sign In tablet has now been successfully activated 

Please note

If you don't want certain classes to be shown on the sign in/out screen, you can deselect them. Just follow the steps below: 

  • Click on the ‘Sign In/Out’ app on the home screen
  • Select settings (the wheel) in the upper right corner 
  • Enter the setting's unique password (Go to Apps - Sign In/Out app - scroll down to the bottom and enter the code in the black box)
  • Uncheck the classes you want to hide and press ‘Save
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